Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We are working on the antique dollhouse that was built for my grandmother in 1898. You can see a photo of the before on the lower left of the blog page. On the bottom is the photo of the real house that is still standing. We have been carefully studying the original milk paint colors in order to reapply the original colors. The goal is for the dollhouse to look as it did for grandmother when she first received it in 1898 for Christmas. You can see here, we have not put the windows back in. They are all working windows. We will post more photos soon. Our second goal is to finish this and have it donated to the museum. Over one hundred years ago, paint was purchased as pigment to be mixed with milk and lyme. There are a few companies that still make the original paint colors. One is called The Old Fashioned Milk Company. We ordered two colors and tried mixing one first with cold water, and as you can see here the paint peeled an dpulled up the bottom layer. See below. Then we mixed it with warm water and painted the lighter trim. It is beautiful. We will post more photos to show the progression. Some areas, like this are around the front door are beautiful with just the scraped areas.

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